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Dating for Marriage with Live Coaching

This powerful course is for single men or women with a powerful desire to find their spouse and create a heaven-on-earth Union and who are willing to overturn their most precious beliefs and habits to do so

Starting at $444

The Crimson Compass

A comprehensive and exclusive course designed to elevate your understanding and connection to your menstrual cycle, and empower you to harness its power to enhance your creativity, productivity, and overall well-being.

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Alchemic Kink

Invest in your relationship, elevate your intimacy, and discover a world of pleasure, growth, and fulfillment. Learn the potency of TACTILE practices to transform your relationship. Beyond mere conversation there is - Alchemic Kink.

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The Wealthy We

This is the gathering of Leaders, Sovereigns, and Entrepreneurs. Those who are building an elevated life and ready to fly with other eagles. The Future is WE.

Starting at $1,333

Creator IO

Learn how to maximize this opportunity for using AI in the course creation process to supercharge your results and collapse time. Learn to play in the process!

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The Mystic Mind

An  monthly Membership experience in multiple dimensions with in-the-moment insights, magical courses, a potent vault of resources and transmissions via Telegram. 

Starting at $27


This course contains two hours of teaching and in-depth guidance all about the ancient art of Divination through the use of charms.

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The Way of Womanhood for modern women. Feminine Essence, Embodiment and Emanation for your immersion, actualization and expansion. 

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Confront the things that are keeping you from being the strongest version of yourself.
Set beautiful boundaries for yourself and speak your truth. 

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If you love Personal Growth and Development. If you Desire a NEXT LEVEL relationship. If you want to BULLET PROOF business with PRISTINE Leadership. This is course for you.
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Would you like to know how to Care for and Engage with your entire Body WHOLISTICALLY through LOVE? Your Womb, Your Yoni, Your breasts and more. It's time to come home...to YOU.

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D6 Creatrix Sequence

Create from the perspective and the space of alignment. To  have embodied, fully integral, congruent creations in your life.Creations that are not based on fear or hustle or competition

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Social Sorcery

Add some Magic to your Social Media - There's no denying that social media can be a powerful tool - but only if you know how to use it correctly. With this class you learn to step out of overwhelm and into POTENCY.

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Power & Surrender

This Masterclass will shine the mirror of Truth on YOUR unique expression as an individual and/ or a couple and show you how to polish it so that you’re Union is passionate,  POWERFUL and UNSTOPPABLE.

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The Dyad 

There are deeper levels you can go in your Partnership. We give you the tools to create, deepen and structure the Partnership you've always longed for. End conflict, create deep intimacy, grow TOGETHER.

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Dating for Marriage 

This powerful course is for single men or women with a powerful desire to find their spouse and create a heaven on earth Union. Find the One. Be the One. Become One. This is the beginning of forever and it all begins with learning to CHOOSE.

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The Dyad Paradigm

Welcome to the MOVEMENT that is arising as an expression of Infinite Intelligence playing an Infinitely Individuated Coupling Game. What if Marriage was a MEANS of evolution and you become something NEW - together?

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The Dyadic Society

For those ready to commit to the Living Embodiment  Practice of Dyadic Consciousness as a living breathing expression of the Great Work. This is marriage therapy or counseling- this is the marriage PLAYGROUND for next level evolution. 

Begin for $397

The Alchemy of Prosperity

In this masterclass, you'll learn the dynamic laws of prosperity and how certain beliefs can either create more of it or collapse it in your life. 

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Curia Regis

Learn how to stand as Sovereign in your Life and surround yourself with a Group of people who provide wise council.  You cannot do this alone.

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100 Proof

Time to take back your Power to Speak, To Live and Express what is True in the face of those who disagree. At the end you will be Cancel Proof!

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The Imperial Standard

Bring your ideas and visions that you want to create in the next year. Learn how to make those visions into something you will actually create. 

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The Fear Rx

The Fear Prescription is your Recipe (thats what prescription originally meant) for leaving Fear behind and living, moving and occupying your perpetual Joy.  
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School of Alchemy

This amazing curated collection of lessons is delivered in a step-by-step bite-sized format that keeps you from analysis paralysis to alchemy of greatness.  

Starting at $111/mo


Amplification is a is a field of increase. In this course you learn how to attune to the state of not only grabbing the mic, but holding it. In your life, your business your WORLD.

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Style Atelier

Imagine what your life will be like when you fully embrace your divine beauty. To feel uniquely beautiful in every situation. All Metaphysical Style secrets in one place. 

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There's something awe inspiring about a woman who knows how to handle tension, pressure and uncertainty with presence and an open heart.  

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Business Alchemy Pairing

The practical and the magical pair deliciously in this combination. With this pair you have all the tools you need to take your business and life goals to the next level! 

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