The Way of Womanhood ARISES

 You have heard for years – the Feminine is Rising – NOW is the time to go beyond the Superficial

To inhabit the full range of your life

To find the fulfillment that IS your TRUTH.

Feminae – Latin for WOMAN, The Feminine











The Way of Womanhood ARISES


You have heard for years – the Feminine is Rising – NOW is the time to go beyond the Superficial

To inhabit the full range of your life

To find the fulfillment that IS your TRUTH.

 Feminae – Latin for WOMAN, The Feminine


Modern Feminine teachings make a good attempt yet because they are a copy of a copy of a copy, and rooted deeply in the work of Kinsey, Jung, and Friedan they have created a movement that unfortunately misses in a few different spaces:


  1. Superficiality – focusing merely on activities while leaving the very Essence of Femininity out
  3. The Half-Life – by teaching women to bounce between masculine and feminine they delete the potency of Womanhood
  5. Societal Narrative – holding women hostage within whatever is the current collective distortion
  7. The War of the Sexes – The Mystery of Men is a core part of the Power of the Feminine – when women remove themselves from men they suddenly lose huge aspects of what it is to be a woman.


Feminae is the space where we delve deep into the Eternal Way of Womanhood.
Learn both the Roots and how to Embody the Fruit.

Feminae is Alchemic. Somatic. Wholistic. Multidimensional. Evolutionary. Abundant. Juicy
Like you.

Feminae hosts the 7 Realms of Womanhood - presenting principles, practical application and inviting you within an experiential LIFE that holds your heart, hosts your greatness and amplifies your genius.



Feminae is structured as a Living Tradition where each portal intersects with each other. You receive both pre-recorded Masterclasses (where you can quantum leap NOW) as well as monthly live courses, sessions and transmissions. The minimum time period is a year – and many of our members stay year after year as they deepen AND expand.

Feminae breathes WITH you.


FEMININE OPENING – This is the Orienting Portal.

This is the space for orienting your orbit around what is most important and divine in your life - YOU. Your essential nature is returned to, your soul comes home. We include Foundational Teachings – that continue to unfold for you as you travel through the Incubators, Transmissions and Immersions. These teachings are LIVING. They continue to evolve and new offerings Spring forth Organically and Spontaneously based on the Synergy of the women and the threads YOU add to the tapestry of Womanhood.

Body Forma – Inhabiting The Body

Your body is the first playground of your Essence. This is your complete space for learning to love and engage with your physical form. From Yoni Eggs to weight loss, from Orgasmic cultivation to Green Smoothies and everything in between. Your body is the culmination and expression of your emotions, mindset and spiritual set point - in this space you will learn to support your life through supporting your pleasure in your body - students have lost weight, reversed chronic illness, healed uterine prolapse and more!

Partner Hieros Gamos The Sacred We – From mere Partnership into True Union

Deep down inside you know there is more than relationship and partnership. You've had that but it's never truly satisfied you. The truth is it is your Feminine nature to long for a permanent Union where you can embody as Love - yet no matter how Spiritual and Educated a woman is - 80% or MORE die alone. Hieros Gamos reveals the skills, tools and mindset necessary to attract, create, cultivate and sustain True Sacred Union. End arguments, understand your Masculine partner, and keep the passion burning year after year.

Business – Opera

Opera is the Latin plural of Work, especially work that is Service to Others. In this Portal you create a business based on pleasure and your innate feminine way of doing things without exhaustion and depletion.Receive the in's and outs of Feminine business creation, growth, and sustainability - including the pillars for Feminine business, how we work different from the Masculine, the secret of why working more isn't smart and more!

Know Thyself – Gnosis – To Know Something You Must Go Within It

Who are you really? Do you have to choose between your relationships with others and your relationship with yourself? Learn the truth of who you are. Every woman's Feminine expression is unique, learn to understand your Archetypes and how they impact and influence your life. Reveal your unique FEMININE personality type and work WITH IT. Travel into your Shadow, alchemize and integrate then learn to love even your darkness so that it can serve you!

Motherhood Mastery – Motherhood ELEVATED as ART and DIVINE Appointment

While we get a lot of “to-do’s” in regard to our children – no one speaks to the energetic of being Matr - MOTHER. It's not just a woman with a child – it is far more than that. In a world where there is very little guidance and support in regard to cultivating yourself within your motherhood - finally here’s a space that takes care of you. Learn the secret connection between you and your child(ren) that is NEVER spoken of - because no one knows it! Learn how you can engage with this connection to serve your LIFE. Understand where the barriers to your ability to nurture are – why they aren't your fault and what to do about them. Transition into all the spaces of mother and walk with your children even as adults!

Mysterium – The Sacred Spirit – Expand your Spiritual Connection and Support Your LIFE.

Most modern women were raised in either a Spiritual tradition that excludes them, or with no Spirituality at all. There are reasons that you feel unsafe my love. There is a reason why you give too much, or cut people off. And all of these things can serve you when you find out what they are pointing to, heal any lack of alignment and learn to love yourself. This is the Mystery of the Feminine Spirit. Prevent the unknowing harvesting of your energy, become more conscious of where your energy goes, and be clean in the energy transfer you DO allow!

An Awakened Sisterhood Supports You

Join a highly engaged and loving  Global Sisterhood - The BEST anywhere! Your sisters reside all over the world, with diverse spirituality, experiences, and ages- ranging from 21-72.  Including Doctors, Engineers, House Wives, Entrepreneurs, Mothers, Artists,  Ministers and Feminine Educators!

Niki Saqueton


Oh. My. God. Feminae --> Mysterium --> Surrender Practice. I mean, all the teachings are my favorite teaching, and I haven't even rewatched any teaching besides Limitless, and I haven't even yet experienced seeing a teaching for a 2nd time as a wife/mother+hearing different gems out of it. This Surrender Practice was for me. amazing that it was in 2018 (i believe, based on the password). That's when I was newly single. Amma, you are so beautiful. and so potent. and literally INFINITE! I learn so much from your teaching and modeling obviously, but also from just experiencing you.


Osundoyin Akanke


I also wanted to express something I have been experiencing since I began the Limitless class. I have made some difficult but long overdue decisions lately (one of them being stepping away from a community that I felt my presence there was no longer serving me) and while at first, I was sad about it, and felt uncertain about whether I made the RIGHT decision, I notice this sadness subsiding over the last couple of days and actually my overall mental state is improving! I tended to have emotional ups and downs often, but now even during my moon-time, I am more calm. The uncertainty is still there, I am not sure what my next move will be, but I am ok with it, especially because I have this space. It's so fascinating. Being decisive, even through fear and uncertainty is healing. Thank you for witnessing me.


A’Tondra Jones


  I’ve been running experiments on TikTok using what Mama taught us and have now fully immersed my profile in CornTok

From here I will be expanding to Luxury TravelTok and WealthTok to create a fully immersive experience of pure joy, dreaming, and action towards my goals using my TikTok feed.

I am have so much PURE FUN and JOY with all of this.

Thank you Mama.



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