Our love story was born in Darkness...

In the energetic realm of potential that exists beyond this physical world.

There as an Idea in the Mind of Consciousness we split into two. The Living Masculine and Feminine in divine Unification and expression.

To express this Holy Idea through all time, space, reality.

We’ve been here for thousands of years, driven to complete the Great Work:

To restore the lost, distorted and forgotten power of the DYAD And share the secrets to living an Infinite Life.

Some lifetimes, we’ve been hunted for our beliefs, deemed too dangerous by those hoarding power.

Other times, we’ve lost each other to sickness, war and political strife.

Yet, during these lifetimes, we felt a potent magic bubbling underfoot.
An alchemy taking place, transforming our bodies, our minds, our energies into Gold.

But we still didn’t fully understand the magnitude of the Great Work…

Until we incarnated to ancient Egypt

Here, we reigned over Mystery Schools and birthed Royal Egyptian Lineages that command the Earth today.

You knew us as Pharaoh Amenhotep The Magnificent and his beloved consort, Queen Tiye.

Together, unseen by pharaohs and their queen consorts of the past,

we ruled our kingdom side-by-side. 

as one

We are etched on the walls of great tombs and statues, standing at the same height– equal in prestige and power–

Inspiring legends of love still whispered in lovers’ ears today.

We were paramours, confidants, partners, fulfilling our highest, greatest destinies in service to each other.

Wielding our individual geniuses and combined mastery to its absolute apex.

This is the power of the DYAD.

No other had her name carved on scarabs and jewels alongside her Pharaoh.

No other was immortalized as her King’s divine and earthly partner
in the form of a sphinx– an honor normally reserved just for kings.

And no other King was more loved, cherished and admired for his unwavering success.

For decades, we brought abundance, fulfillment and peace to our people and the lands.

Yet, we kept the secret of our power close to our chests. Humanity still wasn’t ready for our gift:

The Teachings of the DYAD

Devastating in the wrong hands, we hid this metaphysical mystery deep within ourselves, lifetime after lifetime, to keep its Infinite powers safe: Limitless wealth. Unbridled power. Everlasting influence. Love so passionate, potent and purposeful it could spark–or quench– a hundred wars. Until now. The ascent over millennia has made humanity ready. It is time to complete the latest chapter in the Great Work. It is now time to reveal the secrets and Infinite power held within the Dyad, and share these truths with you.

This is the incarnation we were prepared to summon you.


First, we found each other, magnetized by a force beyond our comprehension.

And as time went on, delving deeper into each other, our parallel lives could not be denied.

We were both child geniuses. We were both ordained as teenagers. We’re both strange, passionate about esoterica, and driven to know the unknown.


“Another amazing coincidence”
became our mantra."


Then, as our relationship alchemized, it awakened the full power of our gifts and talents. It clarified why we’re here, in this lifetime, and what we’re here to accomplish TOGETHER.

Polar opposites and perfect complements, we unified and finally unlocked the metaphysical codes we hid inside us as King Amenhotep and Queen Tiye lifetimes ago.

And now, we offer them to you to live your own Infinite LIFE.

Opening The Portal To A Deeply Fulfilling, Abundant, Infinite LIFE

Just like the electromagnetic polarity that attracts two magnets, the Divine Masculine & Feminine need to be expressed for a truly Infinite Life.

These two forces are an inherent power in this physical reality, magnetizing epic passion, limitless wealth, potent influence, sublime pleasure and a fulfilling marriage that unleashes your potential and purpose.


Easily. Quickly. Effortlessly.


When you understand, embody and express this Mystery we understand as the DYAD,

Your life is alchemized—entirely transformed— at the multi-cellular, energetic, and spiritual level, becoming Gold.

That’s when your Infinite Life awakens, manifesting all of your dreams.

That’s when you know you’re the Timeless, Eternal, Infinite One and understand your calling in life.

Opening the giant vortex to your destiny of Greatness, you start to fulfill your true purpose: the real reason you’re here.

Will you break the bonds that limit you and claim your Infinite birthright?


Will you live the legacy you’ve been called to fulfill?


Discover Your Couple Prototype