Why do you need SOFT?


Welcome To SOFT! 

Go from from stressed and depleted to powerful and juicy in the comfort of your home!

That's a bold claim I know my love, but when you begin to embody your Feminine instead of merely visiting it - it makes all the difference.

And that difference is what SOFT is all about.

SOFT- The School of Feminine Transformation - is a Living Feminine Embodiment Mystery and Wisdom School within the Alchemic Tradition.

What this means for you - is that Feminine essence based principles, techniques, tools and BEING are taught, practiced and internalized here to facilitate you in the creation of an extraordinarily orgasmic life,  juicy relationships and a life of MEANING.

 Life changing lessons, ongoing support and nurturing of the feminine spirit within you  - what more could you ask for? 

What's included in SOFT?

Beginnings. Any Good School begins with an Orientation and Foundations. SOFT is no different. You will receive an orientation so that you can understand how to receive the MOST from this Community and the Courses. Next are our Two Classes in Foundations- The Nest and The Vulnerable Woman. This two classes continue to unfold for you as you travel through the Schools in this Tradition. SOFT is living. This means that it continues to evolve and new classes are Spring forth Organically and Spontaneously based on the Synergy of the women and the threads YOU add to our tapestry. 


No more PMS. Lose Weight. Learn to Love the Skin you're in!

Body School is your complete space for learning to love and engage with your physical form. From Yoni Eggs to weight loss, from Orgasmic cultivation to Green Smoothies and everything in between you've never seen an experience of Body love like this before. Your body is the culmination and expression of your emotions, mindset and spiritual set point - in this school you will earn how to support your life through supporting your pleasure in your body.

This School includes Namaste's Signature Yoni Egg Secrets Masterclass- the only Yoni Egg class that teaches Yoni Egg practices from an alchemic perspective- FAR FAR beyond mere kegels. Also includes Moon Mysteries - the premiere course on conscious menstruation that ends PMS - in this class Namaste introduces supplements, herbs, rituals and practices to take your moon from misery to marvelous!  Be sure to check out the 14 day Health Re-Formation Program in this school  - The Infinite Couple created it 5 years ago, and decided to share it so you can see they are aging BACKWARDS!! 

These classes truly work  - students have lost 30lbs in 3 months, reversed chronic illness, healed uterine prolapse and more!

No More Arguing! Inspire His Appreciation and Adoration. Be Fascinating! 

So often we are taught as women that in order to be strong, empowered and influential in the world- in order to have value- we have to remove the importance of loving and romantic relationships.

This so absolutely INCORRECT!!

It is within your Feminine nature to long for a permanent life partnership where you can embody as Love - yet the vast majority of women have no models to follow. In fact, no matter how Spiritual and Educated a person is - they will often find themselves chronically disappointed and frustrated in relationships.

Until Now.

Wife School teaches you the skills, tools and mindset necessary to attract, create, cultivate and sustain LIFE partnership. In this school learn how you can have a Delicious, Empowering and Fulfilling relationship, how to be the Queen that is meant for a King

These are the real tools to end arguments, understand your Masculine partner, keep the passion and home fires burning year after year. 

Our students say these teachings have saved their marriages! 

No Hustle, No Grind - Just Ease, Pleasure and Flow! 

Want to create a business that brings you joy and money? A biz based on pleasure and your innate feminine way of doing things? Does the thought of hustling, grinding and being a bad "b*tch" - makes you cringe? Does the idea of having a business in which you not only serve women - but do so FEMININELY soothe your soul? 

Namaste has run 3 successful businesses while being a mother of 8, providing the highest quality love to her Husband and remaining Feminine the whole way through- in this School she teaches the in's and outs of Feminine business creation growth and continuance - including how she only works 2-4 hours a day why you NEED to! 

Includes the SWEET Spot -Succulent Woman’s Ecstatic Entrepreneurial Transformation  where you learn the pillars for Feminine business, how we work different from Men, how to Feminize your schedule and more - PLUS  a fully functional One-Year Goal-setting system with all steps are broken down practically, week-by-week. No guess work. You can use this with other systems if you like and inject an additional layer of practical application to your creative flow.

 Get the tools and techniques for taking your biz from idea to actualization totally in your Feminine.

Making money is easy, and Namaste shows you how! 


Find Yourself. Appreciate your YOUnique and Vibrant Expression!

You go from being a little girl to an adult to a mother, a partner, an employee, a this or a that- But who are you really? Do you have to choose between your relationships with others and your relationship with yourself? 

In this School you will learn the truth of who you are. Every woman's Feminine expression is unique, learn to understand your Archetypes and how they impact and influence your life.  More than your ordinary goddess class, this  goes deep into the belly of your connection with the Divine to create real relationship that’s practical and useable. Seeing the Divine in the Feminine and connecting to the Feminine in the Divine 

 Travel into your Shadow and learn to love even your darkness so that it can serve you! 

Learn the TRUTH about Why Mothers today are So Tired and what to do about it! 

Have you ever wondered why there are certain ages that are so challenging with your children? Feeling like you don't really know how to be mom? Isn't this all supposed to just come naturally and easily? 

Motherhood is an amazing endeavor and while we get a lot of “to-do’s” in regard to our children- we get very little guidance and support in regard to cultivating ourselves within our motherhood. Finally here’s a motherhood school that takes care of you. 

In the School you'll learn the secret connection between you and your child(ren) that is NEVER spoken of - because no one knows it! Learn how you can engage with this connection to serve your LIFE. 

Far beyond a typical "mother self care" course- Understand where the barriers to your ability to nurture are- why they aren't your fault and what to do about them! 

Deepen your Spiritual Connection in a Way that Supports Your LIFE.

Most modern women were raised in either a Spiritual tradition that excludes them, or with no Spirituality at all. In this School you'll learn how to align your energy Centers and Gain Energy Consciousness to never worry about being victimized by others energy again. 

You MUST develop discernment as a gift and a skill that you can use. Fear, Pain, Anger and Brokenness will throw off your discernment EVERY TIME. In this school, learn how to prevent the unknowing harvesting of your energy, how to be more conscious of where your energy goes, and how to be clean in the energy transfer you DO allow!  

There are reasons that you feel unsafe my love. There is a reason why you give too much, or cut people off. And all of these things can serve you when you find out what they are pointing to, heal any lack of alignment and learn to love yourself! 

This School focuses on building, cultivating and harnessing Sacred Feminine in your life, including a richly intensive class  high on the “woo” scale – touching the very essence and core of what it means to be a Feminine criatura (creature) and to connect deeply with your Goddess energy. It will challenge you, push you, and nurture you.

Make 2018 your year of Living a fully embodied life of Pleasure, Passion and Purpose!

Leave no facet of yourself behind with The School of Feminine Transformation

SOFT (The School of Feminine Transformation) was started by Namaste in 2011 as a Womb for the opening and cultivation of Feminine Essence in the lives of women. More than merely information - SOFT is A Living Feminine Embodiment Wisdom and Mystery School - where Feminine essence based principles, techniques, and tools are played with in the Alchemic Tradition, and used in the creation of extraordinarily orgasmic lives and juicy relationships.

Who is Namaste?

Life Alchemist. Creatrix. Femininity Catalyst. A Force of Nature: Namaste has spent her life  seeking means of stroking and sustaining the Feminine ember. Embracing education both Auto-didactic and formal, she has been called the “bodhisattva of femininity” by her clients. Namaste synthesizes many modalities of Healing as well as Life Transformation. A certified Life Coach, Ordained Minister, Licensed Art of Feminine Presence Teacher, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, and Metaphysician - she is Founder of SOFT – The School of Feminine Transformation, a Tradition of Empowered, Embodied, Enthusiastic Feminine Embodiment. Namaste believes that living life embracing our authentic feminine selves is living life ecstatically. She speaks from a place of experiential knowledge and wisdom when she says

“I have come to evoke and kindle you to aid in fulfilling your deepest bliss with Passion, Purpose and Presence. Within any desire is the potential for it’s fulfillment”.

Namaste is most turned on by helping women and couples manifest Love, Passion and Succulence.

Holistic in world view she brings various modalities and ideas to bear as she witnesses and inspires you to step within yourself to Greatness. Some toys in her playground include: Law of Attraction and other Cosmic Laws, EFT, Oxytocin Awakening, NLP, Chakra clearing and charging, Menstrual mysteries, OM’ing, Muscle Testing, Intuitive Health Choices,  Tantra and other forms of Sacred Sex, and much much more!

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Applause for Namaste

“…I just want to say thank you to Namaste for presenting such wonderful information and challenging all my hidden places to come to light, for supporting and guiding me through the things revealed, and for giving me the space and wisdom to clarify and define what I learned.” K.B

cici edited by chris flaig1“I loved reflecting upon the video and the practices I had time to review while at work. At times I could definitely “Feel” the invocation you gave us that we ARE the feminine the sacred feminine and I loved that. I got a visceral and a deeper sense of that. I’ve done a lot of chakra work and studies over the years and Namaste has some very unique insights and powerful guided activities …” ~CiCi Owner, Raw Princess http://www.rawprincess.org

 I am a spaz – everyone knows.  With this class I was able to learn to clear blockages I did not even know I had. Thanks to Namaste, I am now well on my way to being the luscious creature my friends and beloved knew existed buried inside of me. Namaste gave me the skills to flower. ~Alex Busch

LaurenSheehan TestimonialI Love Namaste!! – I hired her during one of the most difficult times of my life,  I had lost a boyfriend, left an organization that I was working with and I felt lost.

I felt she had a skill set that was broad enough and wide enough to encompass all of my crazy! :)

I knew she’d help me get back centered. She’s helped me filter out my belief systems, help get me back to this place where I’d be open again to men and to life. I was feeling really shut down. Every time I get off a call with her – I feel MORE like myself and like the weight is gone – that I can be who I am, be where I am and Go have it. If you really want to access that place of power within yourself in a way that harmonizes with yourself and your feminine, I highly recommend her.  ~Lauren Sheehan http://femininerhythm.com 

Spending time with Namaste is like taking a breath of fresh air and just being in her presence slows me down and helps me to appreciate the moments in-between. Being so goal-oriented had made me an anxious, driven person who no longer had any idea what she was working so hard to get. Now, I hope to reach out to my two adult daughters and show them what I have learned. I wish to show them something besides how to succeed, I will show them what peace looks like. Thank you, Namaste. ~Veronica Petterson  

I felt very empowered throughout my time with Namaste. There was total acceptance from the jump which helped me to feel free to express myself openly and honestly. She didn’t come from a stance of telling me what is wrong with my life. It was a collaborative effort that included setting attainable goals and solutions that I took ownership of. My divine self is nurtured, honored and awakened through Namaste’s encouragement. It’s nice to have someone in my corner allowing me to be myself as it only awakens my gifts and nurtures my self-acceptance. ~K.O.

 “… I’ve done a lot of chakra work and studies over the years and Namaste has some very unique insights and powerful guided activities …” C.C

 “ I am very impressed with how even though I am repeating the same rituals I get stronger results and changing as needed with Namaste.” T.K