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Now is the season of amplification it is also the the time to Decide and CHOOSE what you desire to Amplify
To choose what needs to be DESTROYED
And to learn HOW to Align so that the Amplification is QUANTUM. 

In the field of Amplification you expand
Exponentially -greater than you've ever been.

Beyond all that you can ask or think. 

Amplification often causes sensations of anxiety, fear, and often collapse. Self sabotage occurs. Flight AND Flight. Feast AND Famine.
Unless you know how to engage with this energy.

In Amplify we cover:

  • Various types of Meta- Amplifiers and the range and strength of their power
  • The Root Amplifier for Women and how it is often limited
  • What prevents and collapses your Amplification Field
  • The 7 Paths of Prosperity and the ONLY one that you MUST have to Amplify Abundance and Wealth in your Life
  • 5 Amplification Fields and how to Cultivate what you Desire while Pulling up the Weeds
  • What does it mean when what is being amplified is what you DON'T want - and what to do about it
  • And much more.


  • Six months access
  • Seven Sessions
  • Fourteen hours of Teachings
  • Workbooks
  • Quantum Leap Portal - All Sessions available NOW - no waiting so you can shift more swiftly.
  • No Refunds, No exchanges, No transfers.